"Every yoga lesson or sound healing session with Lydia, is literally unique. Not just because of her obvious mastery of Singing Bowls - which vibrate and resonate to soothe the mind and relax the body - but also because the flow of each lesson is influenced by her careful attention to the needs of her individual students. Advanced or beginner, super-flexible or somehow physically limited, Lydia differentiates and adapts yoga positions and props, providing tailored advice to ensure that everyone feels included and can participate at their own pace and level. If you have searched in vain so far for a skillful and gifted yoga teacher, one who provides quality experiences in absolutely every lesson; then I respectfully suggest that you might want to stop your quest here. I cannot recommend Lydia highly enough! She's quite simply one of the best in my opinion."


"There is truly no place like lying in the sweet space of Lydia’s soundbowls. Lydia creates safe environments where your nervous system can finally soften, and your body turn inwards. Perhaps the only way to describe it is a transportation to another world, in between awake and asleep, in between yourself and collective consciousness. And I think this world is where we indeed can heal. I feel grateful to Lydia for creating such a container 💓"


"I was totally new to Yoga when I got introduced to the Restorative Yoga and Sound Healing classes and it swiftly became a must in my weekly schedule! Having a very hectic sporting life and working full time, I've always struggled to find some moments to focus on my relaxation and mostly disregarded how much of a positive effect this could have had on many aspects of my daily routines. Attending Lydia’s weekly Restorative Yoga & Sound Healing Classes allows me to have a deep moment with myself and my own emotions, recover the mental energies after a long week, improves my focus and generally gives me that deep boost to go onto the following week recharged and realigned. During the classes, I've experienced a wide array of emotions, from feeling underwater, to experiencing colours and vibrations, and even facing some sad feelings and rejoying out of this being transported by the gentle yet deep sound vibrations. I would recommend attending the Restorative Yoga & Sound Healing classes with Lydia to anyone, even if you've never tried yoga or meditation before as the results are easily and quickly tangible!"


"Making Lydia’s classes a regular routine was the best decision I made in 2023! Her sound healings help me create the perfect balance to my stressful daily routines. It’s my time to recover, relax and enjoy being in the moment. When my mind is too cluttered to relax, the sound vibrations help me letting go and surrendering to the sound. I would (and do) recommend this to anyone who wants to live mindfully and experience creativity and positive energies."