Restorative Yoga


What is restorative yoga

Restorative Yoga allows us to relax the nervous system, and to find deep conscious rest within our often tensed-up bodies and busy minds.

„Tension is who you think you should be, relaxation is who you are."
~ Chinese Proverb

By switching off the fight or flight mode we are activating the rest digest response which leads us into deep relaxation where we can release tension - physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The use of props in Restorative Yoga is necessary to support the physical body in order to find ease and stillness in various positions to lighten positive relaxation responses.

“To practice yoga in the deepest sense is to commit to developing awareness by observing our lives: our thoughts, our words, and our actions.”
~ Judith Hanson Lasater

This practice is not about strengthening or stretching, it is about opening and receiving while we withdraw the reaction to our senses and enjoy the taste of stillness at its best.

Restorative Yoga is an active rest practice that can lead us with continuous practice to a state of rejuvenation and guide us to our deeper inner peace.

In my Restorative Yoga Sessions, I also create space for breath work and meditation.