„In sound we are born in sound we are healed"
~ Mehtab Benton

Experiencing an Alchemy Crystal Sound Healing promotes deep conscious rest, creativity, and a deeper connection to oneself.

Listening to the sound of Alchemy Crystal singing bowls allows us to relax our body and to quiet our mind and its thoughts. While we are feeling the vibrations of the sound flowing through our body, our cells are resonating with those vibrations and we might be able to forget about time and space and to feel our body weightless.

During a sound healing session, one can enter the Theta brainwave state - a deep meditative state where creativity is boosted and healing happens.

The pure sound of the Alchemy crystal singing bowls can change our whole system, like affecting our energy centers (Chakras) and therefor bring back balance into our body, mind, and spirit.

Physical and energetic blockades can be loosened up again and therefore healing can happen.

The mesmerizing healing sounds have the power to awaken ancient memories while touching the essence of the soul.