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Alchemy Crystal Sound Healing XL

connect to the wisdom of your body


Saturday, 14.09.2024, 15:00 - 17:00

Studio Bondi, Valeriusstraat 40
2517 HR Den Haag


Supported by my dear sound sister Rebecca and her set of Alchemy Bowls we will create an ocean of sound waves together. Her presence also allows me to share more hands on and gentle touch during the session.


Experience deep conscious rest and a deeper connection to the wisdom of your body.

Listening to the sound of Alchemy Crystal singing bowls allows you to relax your body and to quiet your mind. While you are feeling the vibrations of sound flowing through your body, your cells are resonating with those vibrations and you are able to forget about time and space. The pure sound and frequencies affect your energy centers and therefore bring back balance into your body, mind and spirit. Physical, energetic and emotional blockages can be loosened up and healing can happen. Allowing the sound to guide you deep to connect to the beauty and the wisdom within you.

We will prepare the body with gentle movement and soft breath work before diving deep into an extended sound healing session.

Make sure to not eat too heavy before the session and to dress comfy and warm. You might want to bring your own eye pillow or an extra blanket or shawl to ensure warmth and cosyness.